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Winston O. R. Worrell is a clergy member of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church in the USA.  Winston is the current pastor of Northwoods United Methodist Church in Doraville, GA.  He is an experienced evangelist, lecturer, administrator, pastor and preacher in national, international, multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multilingual settings worldwide. He trains leaders in practical faith-sharing methodologies, helps congregations develop wholistic outreach ministries, and works with Methodist leaders around the world in organizing evangelism training seminars in their regions. His experience through the World Methodist Evangelism Institute at Emory University and through the World Methodist Council has taught him worldwide evangelism ministries and prepared him to help connect congregations with worldwide evangelism ministries. He holds a doctorate in evangelism from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Masters Degree in media communications from Georgia State University, and has served in pastoral positions in the USA and the Caribbean. 

Contact Information:

                                        Cell Phone 404-643-7854

Let's continue our discussion with Dr. Worrell. Dr. Winston Worrell has spent most of his ministry helping the average person learn to share their faith in Jesus. Listen as Winston gives several practical tips on how to have a spiritual conversation with anyone you meet.
Spiritual Conversations Part 1 - Dr. Winston Worrell
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Spiritual Conversations Part 2 - Dr. Winston Worrell
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