Theresa Baxter - Sunday Feb 21

Immediate Prayer Concerns 

Join us in Prayer

Joyce Wilbert

Katherine Stewart

Jim Owens

Rev. Selwyn Vanterpool

Zachery Davis

Iva Parry

Rohan Parry

Beatriz Rivas

Mary Catherine Mull

Betty Bowles

Mary Jones

Jayne Sinyard

Chuck Bruce

Mai Bailey-Harris

Nancy Stout

Betsy Hopkins

All unemployed persons. 

Our State and Nation

Those who are ill with COVID-19

Relatives of all those who have 

succumbed to COVID-19

Esssential Workers for Prayer

Edith Amankwah

Tina Bailey

Scott Baxter

Theresa Baxter

Marcia Brooks

Oretha Coleman

Grace Douglas

Natalie Douglas

Dr. George Drakes

JoyAnn Lewis

Mary Ann Silverboard

Martine Tene

Nyamah Titoe

Cindy Togba


Mariama Will

Matthew Sinyard

Brian Sinyard

Charles Boyd

Mark Pulliam

Daniel Amankwah

Beverly Nurse

Lynn Albertson

Nicholas Albertson

Karleen French

Joshua Lofton

Toni Barker

Difien Lewis


Please pray for the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, police officers, law enforcement,  firefighters, public safety, first responders, paramedics, emergency service operations, 911 call center  workers, last responders, coroners, mortuary workers, funeral chaplains, funeral home and cemetery workers,  researchers, hospital and laboratory personnel, caregivers, mental health workers, dentists, social workers, technicians, public safety personnel, emergency management personnel and emergency medical technicians, grocery store employees, truckers, teachers, and other essential workers.

Continuing Prayer Concerns

Ann Belanger

Jacob Blake

Lenford Blyden

Carlisle Boyce

Eileen Brown

Blake Bryant

Sheila Carter

Ronald Coggins

Etta Coleman

David Cothran

Pam Cothran

Mr. Cummings

Carter Daley

Tracy Daley

John Davis

Rev. Avery Dodd

Ed ( Father of Jane's co-worker

Lillia Drakes

Melanie Estes

Faye Fisk

David Fisk

Mariam Fisk

Tanya Freeman

Charles George

Gary Godfrey

Jihan Greaves

Rev. Jerome Hamm

Jason Jones


Michelle Kickasola

Alan Lawer

Sharon Lawyer

Dan McDonald

Harriet Moore

Hazel Mulligan

Debbie Owens

Alexa Peralta

Ariana Peralta

Jennifer Reid

Maggie Rheudasil

Tracy Rheudasil

Beverly Rhodes

Frank Rhodes

Theresa Roberts

Beth Sanderson

Steffi Schwan

Dan Schwan

Joan Sellers

Staten Sellers

Erin Sledd

Sandee Sledd

Roy Stephens

Joslyn Stinchcomb

Libby Stone

John Stout

Martine Tene

Rajamany Thason

Claudia Togba

Greg Walton

Dan Ward

David Will

Rev. Shirley Wright

All patients of Hospitals

Residents of Nursing Homes

Residents of Rehab. Centers

Country / World

Please pray for: those demonstrating against the military coup in Myanmar; those impacted by deadly floods due to collapse of a glacier in the Himalayas in India; those affected by 4 outbreaks of diseases, including Ebola in Guinea ; for the people of a number of States in the United States, especially Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, where two major historic, devastating winter storms have killed at least 47 people since last Sunday - including 30 in Texas - among the victims an 11-year-old boy who died in unheated mobile home;  for millions without electricity and safe drinking water across the States of Texas; and for our State and Nation. 

Our military, police officers, fire fighters, first responders, and their families.

Our Government and Leaders

Christians all over the world.