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Eulita Dykes           Tuesday,            June 18

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Scott & Theresa Baxter         Tuesday              June 18
Russ & Joyce Wilbert             Thursday            June 20


Immediate Prayer Concerns

Kolu Samuels
Janie DeWalt
Mary Jones
Jane Sinyard
Karen Scott
Betty Morris
Bimba Kuyatch

Robert Sinclair, Jr.
Hollis & Linda Nash
Jo Brooks
Sybil Rhymer
Jim Morris
Harriet Moore
Ricky & Debbie Bowen
Larry De Bellis
Shaniel Taylor

Theresa Wynn
Anne Gilkes
Jimmy Duprey
Christine Dawson
Abigail Dorsett

Diontae Claxton
Alan & Sharon Lawyer & Family
Anne Coker
Sylvia Bellance
Muriel Fahie
Vanessa Salas
Sarah Ritter
Michelle Kickasola
Donna Hennis
Kathi Winter

Sean Nash
John Taylor
Marita Worrell
Amy Goodman Abramson
Ronnie Cothran
Sam Hardy
Keith Duggan
Donald & Shirley Rouse

Our Family of Essential Workers

Lynn Albertson

Nicholas Albertson

Edith Amankwah

Daniel Amankwah

Tina Bailey

Toni Barker

Scott Baxter

Theresa Baxter

Marcia Brooks

Oretha Coleman

Grace Douglas

Natalie Douglas

Dr. George Drakes

Karleen French

JoyAnn Lewis

Difien Lewis

Joshua Lofton

Beverly Nurse

Mark Pulliam

Mary Ann Silverboard

Matthew Sinyard

Brian Sinyard

Martine Tene

Nyamah Titoe

Cindy Togba

Mariama Will


Please pray for the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, police officers, law enforcement,  firefighters, public safety, first responders, military, paramedics, emergency service operations, 911 call center  workers, last responders, coroners, mortuary workers, funeral chaplains, funeral home and cemetery workers,  researchers, hospital and laboratory personnel, caregivers, mental health workers, dentists, social workers, technicians, public safety personnel, emergency management personnel and emergency medical technicians, grocery store employees, truckers, teachers, and all other essential workers.

Continuing Prayer List

Tina Bailey
Ann Belanger
Jacob Blake
Lenford Blyden
Chris Bolton
Sandy Bouchard
Clifton Ashley Boynes Sr.
Heather Nadine & Brett Deschene
Clive Brown
Chuck Bruce 
Blake Bryant
Jamila Chambers
Ronald Coggins
Ed Craig
Janie DeWalt
Evan Eddy
Vincent Eddy
Drew & Cathy Elliott
Melanie Estes

Faye Fikes
David Fisk Sr.
Miriam Fisk
Ruth Fom
Russ Freed
Misha Gardner
Charles George
Gary Godfrey
Clairmonte Greaves
Jihan Greaves
Rev. Jerome Hamm
Karen Hanno
Tonya Iverson
Bruce Jones
Ibrahim Jones

Thelma Kenned-Springer
Patricia Forbes-Lammie
Robert Lee
JoyAnn Lewis
Michelle Lofton
Rose Lofton
Jeff May
Phemelo "Melo" Matlhabe
Patricia Matlhabe
Ulanda Milline
Mary Catherine Mull
Hazel Mulligan
Tai Nguyen
Dani O'Toole
Debbie Owens
Iva Parry
Theodore Johnny Payne
Cathy Peterson
Jacky Pruitt
Frank Rhodes
Grace Rhymer
Theresa Roberts
Bill Rodgers
Francisco Sanchez
Beth Sanderson
Helen Scott
Gladys Seaman
Dave Studeny
Joan Sellers 
Valaria Skeete
Arlene Smith
Candy Stacks

Sue Steiner
Roy Stephens
Joslyn Stinchcomb
Libby Stone
Mazie Stone
John Stout
Martine Tene
Rajamany Thason
Claudia Togba
Alex Velasco
Yvette Veloza
Greg Walton
Dan Ward
Grayson & Phyllis Weed
David Will
Joanna Wire
Christopher & Karen Wirth
Lynette Wulford



World and USA


• Pray for all people of the world and their needs.

• Off Yemen's Coast, last Monday a boat carrying 260 migrants sank killing at
least 49 people and left 140 others missing, the United Nations' International
Agency said on Tuesday. Six children were among the survivors while another
six children and 31 women were among the dead.


• Germany and other countries that are experiencing severe heat waves.

• Pray for all the people of our Nation, especially our children and teenagers.​​​

• Georgia, according to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, at least
12 kids have gone missing from Georgia in the last month. Now Atlanta Police
are asking for help to locate two more: 13 and 14-year-old sisters. Angel
Alonso, a board member of a nonprofit says: "Right now, we have a lot of
Latino families whose kids are missing.” He says oftentimes those kids who
run away are being enticed by predators on social media. A 12-year-old also
went missing in Gainesville more than a week ago.

• A decrease in deadly gun violence by our youth and children.

• Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for five counties as
some areas saw up to 25 inches of rainfall since last Tuesday. Roughly an entire
average month's rainfall for June fell on Fort Lauderdale in 24 hours alone last

• The incarcerated, protection of frontline workers, health professionals, industry providers, fire fighters, police officers, first responders and the military. 





Our military, police officers, fire fighters, first responders, and their families.

       Our Government, and Leaders, and Christians all over the world.


                         Good News Story

77-year-old Vietnam vet graduates high school years after dropping out to go to
war - CBS Philadelphia.

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