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Lallie Morris                                   Saturday, December 3


Immediate Prayer Concerns

Thelma Kennedy-Springer
Nyamah Titoe
Ricky Sullins
Patricia & Floflusm Sulonbartu
Boon Blunton
Scholastica Bailey
Joshua Lofton
Michelle Lofton
Chris Aycock
Steve Lallathin
Katie Summers
Dr. George Drakes
JoyAnn Lewis
Wandrea & Joel Lauchner
Sandra Parks
Russ Wilbert
Jim Owens

Kristi Hargrove
Kristin Walton
Jerry Mann

Rev. Avery Dodd
Donald & Shirley Rouse
Franklyn Brown
Jo Brooks
John Stout
Aubrey Newell
Linda & Hollis Nash
Nancy Smith
Jane Sinyard
Mary Jones

We Pray for all Essential Workers 

Our Family of Essential Workers

Lynn Albertson

Nicholas Albertson

Edith Amankwah

Daniel Amankwah

Tina Bailey

Toni Barker

Scott Baxter

Theresa Baxter

Marcia Brooks

Oretha Coleman

Grace Douglas

Natalie Douglas

Dr. George Drakes

Karleen French

JoyAnn Lewis

Difien Lewis

Joshua Lofton

Beverly Nurse

Mark Pulliam

Mary Ann Silverboard

Matthew Sinyard

Brian Sinyard

Martine Tene

Nyamah Titoe

Cindy Togba

Mariama Will


Please pray for the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, police officers, law enforcement,  firefighters, public safety, first responders, military, paramedics, emergency service operations, 911 call center  workers, last responders, coroners, mortuary workers, funeral chaplains, funeral home and cemetery workers,  researchers, hospital and laboratory personnel, caregivers, mental health workers, dentists, social workers, technicians, public safety personnel, emergency management personnel and emergency medical technicians, grocery store employees, truckers, teachers, and all other essential workers.

Continuing Prayer Concerns


Tina Bailey

Ann Belanger

Jacob Blake

Lenford Blyden

Chris Bolton

Sandy Bouchard

Clifton Ashley Boynes Sr.

Clive Brown

Chuck Bruce

Blake Bryant


David Cadore

Jamila Chambers

Anita Chengalippillil

Ronald Coggins

Pam Cothran

Janie DeWalt

Evan Eddy

Vincent Eddy

Melanie Estes

Faye Fikes

David Fisk, Sr.

Mariam Fisk

Ruth Fomba

Russ Freed

Misha Gardner

Charles George

Gary Godfrey

Clairmonte Greaves

Heather Greaves

Jihan Greaves

Rev Jerome Hamm

Jurgen Herrmann

Ibrahim Jones

Mardelle Jordan


Michelle Kickasola

Ezra King 5 year old

Patricia Forbes Lammie

Sharon & Alan Lawyer

Robert Lee

Preneeta Lei

Rose Lofton

Jeff May

Mary Catherine Mull

Hazel Mulligan

Debbie Owens

Iva & Rohan Parry

Bee Pennington 

Cathy Peterson

Jennifer Reid

Maggie & Tracy Rheudasil

Beverly & Frank Rhodes

James Rhymer

Beatriz Rivas

Theresa Roberts

Bill Rodgers

Sonya Sagredo

Francisco Sanchez

Beth Sanderson

Dan Schwan

Helen Scott

Joan Sellers

Holly Sinclair

Arlene Smith

Sue Steiner

Roy Stephens

Frank Stewart

Ann Stewart

Joslyn Stinchcomb

Libby Stone

Dave Studeny

Martine Tene

Rajamany Thason

The Lee Family

Claudia Togba

Doreen Thompson

Alex Velasco

Yvette Veloza

Melanie Vogan

Greg Walton

Dan Ward

David Will

Dr. Bryan Williams

Christopher & Karen Wirth

Rev. Shirley Wright

Lynette Wulford

 World / USA

Please pray for all people, families, relatives, parents, and children.

  •  Cianjur, Indonesia, where last Tuesday morning a 5.6 magnitude earthquake caused the death of 310 people with many who are still missing. Thousands of homes have been damaged causeing massive displacement. 

  •  Ukraine, where the Russian War continues.

  • People Worldwide, victims of war and political unrest, humanitarian and security crises, people, including children who are starving to death, the bereaved, all addicts, the heartbroken, the homeless, he mentally ill and the hopeless and all those impacted by natural disasters.

  • Charlottesville Campus, University of Virginia, where last Sunday an ex-UVA football player fatally shot three current players and wounded two other people at the schools main campus.

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado, just before midnight last Saturday, a 22 year old gunman killed five people and injured 25 others in an LGBTQ nightclub.

  • Chesapeake, Virginia, on Tuesday night last, a Walmart Manager, in the latest mass shooting, killed six of his fellow employees, including a 16-yearold, in a break room. Several people were injured. He then shot himself.

  • East Point, Georgia, in connection to an apartment complex fire last
    Wednesday, a mother has confessed to killing her 4-year-old child and leaving
    another child in her apartment after she deliberately set a fire to the apartment
    unit. The second girl is hospitalized as a result of fire-related injury. The
    mother has been arrested. The building is a complete loss and many have lost their belongings and are now homeless.

  • All States, for the nations school system and the many challenges our children face. The safety and protection of teachers, children, school employees, and bus drivers. A change of heart for those students who insist on taking guns to school. Teenagers who are suffering from mental health issues and their parents.

  • Dekalb & Clayton Counties Georgia, those who have been impacted by apartment complex fires during the past week.

  • Please pray earnestly for our nation.​​

  • A decrease in the gun-violence in our nation. Also that a ban on assault weapons would be addressed.

  • The incarcerated,  frontline workers, health professionals, caregivers, a decrease in child molestation and trafficking, the military,  firefighters, industry providers and police officers.

               Our military, police officers, fire fighters, first responders, and their families.

       Our Government, and Leaders, and Christians all over the world.